onsdag 12 januari 2011

Marinåret 2010 - Closing of the books

Från NOSI kommer följande sammanfattning av marinåret 2010. "The declaration by the US Navy that the Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile DF-21D has reached initial operational capability. What countermeasures is the US planning to use against it? The publication of the “Air-Sea Battle” concept by the US as a strategy to neutralize the rise of the Chinese Navy. What steps does the US need to take to transform strategy into action? The sinking of the South Korean Navy frigate Cheonan by a North Korean torpedo. What will be the next act of insanity that North Korea will commit, and how will South Korea respond to it? The disastrous Israeli naval commando raid against the Gaza relief convoy that resulted in many civilian deaths. How could the mission’s planners not have expected heavy resistance? The extension of Russia’s lease on its Black Sea Fleet base in the Ukraine and the news that it will upgrade and enlarge its fleet there. How will this affect NATO’s increasing operations in the Black Sea? The survival of the Royal Navy’s under-construction aircraft carriers after its defense review, albeit with a shift in their air wing from the F-35B STOVL variant to the F-35C naval variant. Will these aircraft ever actually be purchased or will the Queen Elizabeth-class become the world’s largest commando carriers? The continued drain of piracy on the world’s navies. When will one country step forward and start prosecuting and jailing pirates? The US Navy’s (non) decision to purchase equal numbers of both versions of the Littoral Combat Ship. How is this going to lead to logistical and budgetary efficiencies? The continued importance of operations other than war to the US Navy, evidenced by the relief delivered to earthquake-ravaged Haiti led by U.S.S. Bataan and to flood-ravaged Pakistan by U.S.S. Peleliu. When will the US Navy be recognized for the good it does in these operations? The final withdrawal of US Marines from Iraq, closely coupled to their redeployment to Afghanistan. Will the surge in Afghanistan be as militarily successful as the one in Iraq?" Hela artikeln återfinns här Listan kanske kan kompletteras med att avtalet om det Ryska köpet av Franska Mistralfartyg offentliggörs samt granatbeskjutningen av Sydkoreanskt territorium av Nordkorea med påföljande marina styrkedemonstrationer från USA, Japan och Sydkorea. För svensk del så är det väl den fortsatta operationen i Adenviken och beställningen av två stycken nya ubåtar som kan nämnas i stort. Klart Skepp!

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